Bitmain Antminer T19 – 84TH/s


High hash rate and high efficiency-miner T19 is the third model released by the latest generation of Antminers proudly developed by Bitmain. The hash rate of T19 is 84 TH / plus or minus 3%, and the power efficiency is 37.5J / TH plus or minus 5%. Customized chip-miner T19 is equipped with the same generation of customized chips in miner S19 and S19 Pro, thus ensuring the ability and efficiency of mining cryptocurrency under the SHA256 algorithm.

Version T19
Model No. 240-Ca
Crypto Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 84 ± 3% TH/s
Power on wall 3150 ± 5% Watt
Power efficiency on wall 37.5 ± 5% J/TH
Input voltage 200~240 Volt
Net weight 14.2 kg
Operation temperature 0~40 °C
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty – 1 year


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